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4 Reasons Aluminum Driveway Gates Are The Best

If you’re building a fence this summer and need to include a driveway gate, consider installing an aluminum driveway gate as they are the perfect solution when it comes to having an entryway for cars to come in and out of your property.  Even if you install a fence made of other fencing materials, such as wood, vinyl or wrought iron, aluminum driveway gates are your best bet!

Let me tell you why…

Aluminum Driveway Gates Are Economical

Aluminum driveway gates are highly cost effective.  Many folks think they need a wrought-iron gate for their driveway to limit access to their homes but often gasp when they learn how much it will cost to fabricate the materials on site.  Aluminum driveway gates cost less and give you the same look and feel of iron without breaking the bank!

Aluminum Driveway Gates Offer You Options

Aluminum driveway gates come in many colors and styles, meaning that you can create a custom gate that matches your primary fence materials while also adding a bit of flair such as curved tops or finials to make your aluminum gate standout among your neighborhood.  I’ve seen folks design custom gates where they put their initials, last name or ranch name on the gate to truly make a statement.  People like the clean lines an aluminum driveway gate establishes.

Aluminum Driveway Gates Are the Perfect Weight

Aluminum driveway gates weigh less than iron ones, which makes them easier to open compared to wrought iron.  Homeowners often install them with automatic openers, which work incredibly well.  However, if the electricity ever goes out, you’ll need to open the gate manually and this is why aluminum is the perfect weight!  Aluminum also causes less wear and tear on the tracks and rollers of sliding gates and on swinging gate hinges.  If you use an automated opening system, it often lasts longer because aluminum is such a lightweight material.

Aluminum Driveway Gates Are Maintenance Free

Because aluminum gates are powder coated, you never have to worry about them chipping, rusting or cracking like you would with an iron gate.  Aluminum does not rust, eliminating the maintenance necessary for the upkeep on most other types of gates, which can involve staining, cleaning, sanding, and repainting over time.  Aluminum driveway gates are also long-lasting, meaning you can install them and not have to worry about replacing them for many years.  At Powers Fence, we offer a a lifetime limited warranty for our aluminum fencing materials.  Our warranty ensures that the powder coated finish will not chip, crack, or flake.  This means once your gate is installed, we stand behind our product.

Ready to Build Your Own Aluminum Driveway Gate?

If you’re in the market to build your own aluminum driveway gate, contact us today and we’ll help you with your order!  You can even use our online chat feature if you’re on this website during our regular office hours.

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