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5 Reasons To Buy 100% American Made Aluminum Fencing

It’s no secret that Powers Fence Supply loves aluminum fencing!  Everyone at our organization loves the look and feel that an aluminum fence creates, as well as the security it brings when protecting your loved ones.  Our aluminum fencing materials are constructed with heavy wall aluminum extrusions and finished with Platinum Certified DuPont Armor-Guard™ TGIC polyester powder coating.  What that means to you is that every piece of your stylish aluminum fence has a fade and scratch-resistant powder-coat finish that offers twice the strength of typical acrylic finishes – and never requires painting. Its signature beauty, maintenance-free ease, steel-like durability.

Bottom line: you get a top of the line, highly durable product that comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. What also makes the fencing of high value is that it’s 100 % American made.  Want to know why buying 100% American made aluminum fencing is important? Here are a few obvious reasons:

Buying American Made Aluminum Fencing Means More American Jobs

When you buy American made fencing, it means spending American dollars on American products and that creates American jobs. In our country, jobs are the foundation of a thriving economy.  If you change your buying habits to where you spend an extra $3 to $5 on American-made products, you help create almost 10,000 new jobs. What’s amazing to us is that if every home and commercial builder would spend about 5 percent more of their money on products made in our country, it would create more than 200,00 jobs.

Buying American Made Aluminum Fencing Means A Stronger Economy

When you buy American made aluminum fencing, the proceeds remain in our own economy. The money you spend then pays the workers that directly or indirectly created the aluminum fence you purchased. When workers spend their money on American-made products, the dollars continue to be recycled. And since all American workers pay taxes on wages earned in America, those taxes get spent on keeping our great nation’s economy going.

Buying American Made Aluminum Fencing Means Keeping America Beautiful

American manufacturers must follow strict regulations to protect the environment. These regulations do not exist in most of the top countries manufacturing and importing their goods into the our country, which accounts for air pollution and environmental abuse. Another reason to buy American-made aluminum fencing is because we sell fencing that is environmentally friendly.  Since our  panels are made with a powder coating, there are not solvents in the material, which eliminates pollutants in the air.  Our materials also come from a provider who recycles 100% of all aluminum scraps.

Buying American Made Aluminum Fencing Means More Energy Conservation

Whenever you buy products from countries outside America, the shipping process for these products creates an additional toll on petroleum usage and increases unnecessary emissions in our atmosphere. We all know that our environment is in trouble and we need to deal with climate change.

Buying American Made Aluminum Fencing Means You Support America

At Powers Fence, we believe in our way of life and we believe that democracy works.  We founded our nation to protect the lives of all its citizens.  Never take your freedom for granted.  Buying American-made products means you support our way of life, so do all you can if you truly love our great nation!

Ready to Buy an American-Made Aluminum Fence?

If you’re ready to build the best American-made aluminum fence on the market today, you can have yours within a few clicks and order everything you need for your DIY project!  Click here to get started or open up a live chat session and we’ll get you the perfect fence to meet your needs!

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