A process first introduced in the U.S nearly half a century ago, powder coating has become an extremely popular option on aluminum fencing because of its functional (protective) and decorative finishes, its availability in an almost limitless range of colors and textures, and the technological advancements that demonstrate excellent performance.  If you’re looking to install an aluminum fence, consider enhancing its value with powder coating because of the significant advantages this process provides.


aluminum security fence

Why Aluminum Fences Make The Perfect Security Fence

With some counties in our area experiencing a slight surge in crime, many homeowners share increased concerns for protecting their families and pets as well as a desire to prevent robberies and other crimes.  While robberies are typically most homeowner’s main concern, vandalism and trespassing can also be disconcerting. Nothing is more important than the safety of your family and peace of mind!

If you’re looking to create some added security for your home and protect your loved ones without breaking the bank, I recommend that you build your own aluminum security fence. This can be a relatively inexpensive and effective way to give your home and yard the desired security.


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5 Reasons To Buy 100% American Made Aluminum Fencing

It’s no secret that Powers Fence Supply loves aluminum fencing!  Everyone at our organization loves the look and feel that an aluminum fence creates, as well as the security it brings when protecting your loved ones.  Our aluminum fencing materials are constructed with heavy wall aluminum extrusions and finished with Platinum Certified DuPont Armor-Guard™ TGIC polyester powder coating.  What that means to you is that every piece of your stylish aluminum fence has a fade and scratch-resistant powder-coat finish that offers twice the strength of typical acrylic finishes – and never requires painting. Its signature beauty, maintenance-free ease, steel-like durability.


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Our 3 Residential Aluminum Fence Styles

We’ve had many questions about the residential aluminum fencing we offer on our site, so let me offer you some background information on the aluminum we sell, the differences between the three styles, and what styles work best in certain situations.  If you still have questions after reading this entry, either open up a chat session or give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help you clarify which fence styles might be best for your DIY project!


Custom Fencing Options From Powers Fence Supply

Have you looked through our online store and not seen the exact color, size and additional accessory items for your DIY aluminum fence project?  Don’t worry—we have everything you need when it comes to custom fencing options!  You’ll just need to use either our online chat feature or give us a call to place your order!


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4 Reasons Aluminum Driveway Gates Are The Best

If you’re building a fence this summer and need to include a driveway gate, consider installing an aluminum driveway gate as they are the perfect solution when it comes to having an entryway for cars to come in and out of your property.  Even if you install a fence made of other fencing materials, such as wood, vinyl or wrought iron, aluminum driveway gates are your best bet!


Photo: Decorative Aluminum Fence Colors Can Affect Your Whole Property

How To Determine Your Aluminum Fence Cost

The biggest question we typically get at the start of any conversation about fencing is “how much will the fence cost?”  And the answer is always the same: It depends!

People often get confused when we quote fencing because they often come to the table with some preconceived notions of what fencing materials should cost based on what their neighbors or their friends tell them.  I’ve had people tell me to just give them a bottom line figure and I personally don’t like doing that because a LOT of factors go into pricing fencing.


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How To Install An Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences are among the easiest to install so long as you are thorough, patient and well prepared.  Planning is critical, so make sure you devote time to properly measure where the fence will go and make sure you measure your aluminum gates properly since the dimensions on these pieces may vary slightly.

Below are the standard instructions on how to install an aluminum fence.  In addition to this, we encourage you to download our How To Order Fencing Guide, which offers diagrams that supplement the instructions.


aluminum pool fence

Why We Love Aluminum Pool Fences (And You Should Too!)

Building a swimming pool this summer?  If you live in the United States, chances are that your pool vendor has advised you that in addition to your pool, you will also need a fence.  In fact, it’s often a requirement that some sort of perimeter go up around the pool area or else you may face heavy fines within your county or state.  If you need a protective perimeter for your pool, I suggest that you go with an aluminum pool fence.


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7 Common Misconceptions About Aluminum Fencing

When it comes down to it, aluminum fencing is one of the best fences money can buy—especially if you’re a DIYer who wants to take pride and pleasure in building your own fence!  Having sold hundreds of aluminum fences the past few years, it amazes me when I hear clients who express an interest in an aluminum fence, and then try to talk themselves out of it based on their limited research or what they hear from misinformed neighbors or (even worse) employees who work in retail stores.