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Don’t Forget to Order Your Aluminum Gate Hinges!

Have you ever gotten the supplies for your DIY project and find out right at the very end of it that you are missing one or two pieces that are essential to completing it?  Doesn’t this always happen on Sunday night when the stores are closed and so you’re stuck having to wait?  And isn’t it slightly embarrassing when your family and friends hear a loud chain of curse words that you normally don’t let fly unless it’s at a football game?

Yes, we all have been there.  We think we’ve planned our DIY fence projects well and we’ve accounted for every little nail, screw, and post, only to forget something essential to completing the install: the aluminum gate hinges.  Sad to say it, but we’ve gotten many a call at our showroom asking if we can keep the doors open on Saturday for just a few minutes so someone can come in to buy hinges so they can hang their gate on their fence.  This is why we constantly ask people who come to our showroom to double check their list at least twice to make sure they’ve purchased everything they need for their fence installation.

Aluminum gate hinges are an important item because without them, you cannot hang your gate panels.  If you’re installing aluminum fencing in a high traffic area, you want to make sure you choose aluminum gate hinges that are a good quality and won’t rust or break, especially on a gate that is used often.   Thankfully, all our hinges come with a limited lifetime warranty.

One of the advantages of aluminum gate hinges is that they are adjustable.  This means that if you need a little extra room to play (i.e. set your gateposts incorrectly), you can adjust your hinges to make up the difference, assuming your posts are not too far apart.

At Powers Fence, we offer the following options for our aluminum gate hinges:

Metal Fence Hinge Set

This standard metal hinge set will easily do the job for you.  Each packet comes with two hinges and they are truly easy to install.  You can adjust the tension on these hinges to make a gate self-closing if necessary.

Want something a bit more stable and secure?  Then take a look at our aluminum fence hinge options!

D&D TruClose Aluminum Gate Hinges

The D&D Tru Close Hinge set is one of the best hinges on the market, which is why we sell it!  The TruClose Hinge offers you self-closing action, along with dual adjustability for gate weight and closing speed.  While maintaining its important self-closing safety element the TruClose Hinge features improved strength and advanced patented tension adjustment features.

D&D Heavy Duty TruClose Aluminum Gate Hinges

If you’re working with larger fence panels, fencing to meet pool code or double gates, sometimes you need something that can deal with high traffic over the years that won’t require replacing.  The D&D Heavy Duty TruClose Hinge is truly one of the best on the market!  We use them in a majority of our own fence projects—you should too!

Many DIYers take on installing an aluminum fence around a pool in order to meet standardized compliance codes.  In order for most pools to be pool code compliant, certain hinges are required.  All of the hinges offered through our website are self-closing and meet pool code.  If you use the wrong hinges, upon inspection, it will fail.  Sometimes the non-self-closing hinges are cheaper, but you may be forced to replace them and that means another inspection and the potential for your insurance to go up!  Plus, non-closing hinges aren’t safe.  Do you really want to impact your family’s safety for a few dollars?  Imagine having your neighbor’s child having an accident in your pool all because someone left the gate open.  Trust me, as a parent, my children are worth every ounce of protection a fence buys!

Ready to Build a Fence?

If you’re ready to build a fence, you can get started today with just a few clicks and order everything you need to install the best aluminum fence on the market—including your aluminum gate hinges!  Click here to get started or open up a live chat session and we’ll get you on track for your aluminum fence project!

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