Fencing Permits: Are They Necessary?

The short answer is for most applications, yes. However, it depends on several different factors, so the real answer is to do your research prior to purchasing and installing your fence. Part of your research can be done here, where we’ll go over fencing permits, regulations, and how to find out whether or not you need a permit for your aluminum fencing.001-004-FlatTop-SeriesA-2-Rail-large

Fencing permits and regulations

Whether or not you need a permit for your fencing depends on your state, county, or local regulations. It will be listed in local zoning or code regulations. Regulations on fencing may include height limitations and what type of fence you are allowed to install. For instance, barbed wire fence may not be allowed in urban areas due to government or HOA regulations, however aluminum fencing is allowed in most applications.

Applying for fencing permits

If you’ve done your research and you know you need a fencing permit, the next step is to apply. Depending on your local application process, you may or may not need a CAD drawing of the proposed fence. Otherwise, you may be able to file online. Make sure to have HOA approval prior to applying for a fencing permit if your home is a part of one of these organizations.

Generally, most of this information can be found online. You may wish to call your local zoning or permit authority to have your fencing plans cleared before applying. If the application process in your area does require a CAD drawing and you hire a company to do so, the company should file for you, and this should be included in the price.

Timelines for approval on fencing permits vary. Depending on the application and requirements, it could be a same-day process, or take a few weeks. This is why it’s important to acquire fencing permits in advance for your aluminum fencing, or any fencing project.

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