Utility Marks and Fence Installation Tips

While there are many fence installation tips that are incredibly useful to have on hand, what you do before you start digging is just as important as the before and after. Before you begin any project which requires extensive digging, it is important to call DigAlert at least two full days beforehand. When you call DigAlert at 811, they alert the owners of non-private utilities. Utility companies use a system of color coded utility marks. If any of these utility marks or adjacent or run through your work area, you are required to hand expose 2 feet on either side of any preexisting lines, so you are aware of their location before you use power equipment.54" Series A with welded rings

Know These Specifics Before You Call 811  

If you are hiring a contractor, know the name of the company and all of their information. This includes their address and telephone number. If you are during the work yourself, provide your information. Knowing the importance of preparedness is one of the best fence installation tips.

Know the specifics relating to the location of where the work is being completed. Know the county, city, location, and exact address if applicable. You will be asked the closest connecting cross street to your location, so have this information on hand. Tell them which side of the house, or near what landmarks you are working if applicable.   

What and When

Be prepared to describe exactly what kind of project is being taken on and when it will begin. Keep in mind that a DigAlert ticket can only be issued if your project is beginning within 14 calendar days of the time of your call. If your start date exceeds that time frame, you will need to call again. It is important not to call too late or too soon.

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