Series C 60″ 3 Rail Standard Bottom Panel Section

60inch Series C 3 Rail Std Bottom Section  CAD drawing

  • Meets most pool codes, including areas that require 5’ tall fences
  • Great for small children
  • A little more decorative than the classic smooth top look

Two smooth rails across the top with alternating pressed point pickets.   Pickets also protrude through the bottom rail 2”.  Meets BOCA code for pools. Ships fully assembled in “six foot” wide panels. Actual panel dimensions are 71 3/8” widths, creating 73 3/8” wide panels on center when installed. Panels include (15) 5/8” square pickets and horizontal channels measuring 1” x 1 1/8”.  Standard picket spacing is 4 ½” on center, providing 3 7/8” air space between pickets.