Utility Marks and Fence Installation Tips

While there are many fence installation tips that are incredibly useful to have on hand, what you do before you start digging is just as important as the before and after. Before you begin any project which requires extensive digging, it is important to call DigAlert at least two full days beforehand. When you call DigAlert at 811, they alert the owners of non-private utilities. Utility companies use a system of color coded utility marks. If any of these utility marks or adjacent or run through your work area, you are required to hand expose 2 feet on either side of any preexisting lines, so you are aware of their location before you use power equipment.54" Series A with welded rings


Fence Installation Pro Tips: Utility Marks

One of the most important things to take into consideration before performing fence installation is utility marks, or otherwise knowing where and what utilities are on your property. Before doing any construction on your property, always make sure you have the correct permits and know where the utility lines and hookups are on your property.ThinkstockPhotos-486919913

Below is a comprehensive guide of utility mark colors and their meaning, so you can better plan your fence installation.