Aluminum Fence Gates

aluminum-fence-diyElegant, dependable and long-lasting gates are an important feature of your aluminum fence solution. Just like our panels, our aluminum gates are 100% American made, constructed with heavy wall aluminum extrusions and finished with Platinum Certified DuPont Armor-Guard™ TGIC polyester powder coating. Our powder coating is twice as thick and hard as baked on enamel finishes and is much more durable than baked on enamel.

You can choose from either four and five feet wide panels for a single panel gate or eight and ten feet wide for a double gate. Gates come in three styles to correspond with your fence panel style, and are available in three heights:

  • 48” tall
  • 54” tall
  • 60” tall

Where to Place the Aluminum Gate

Discovering after your fence is up that your gate is in the wrong place creates a lot of frustration. Moving gateposts can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. When building your own fence, make sure to account for the gate’s location before getting started.

We recommend placing your gate in a well-drained area with little opportunity for erosion. Your gate is a high-traffic area, so make sure the ground is up to the task. If you are fencing in a large garden, placing the gate near the corner encourages people to move along the fence instead of cutting down the middle. If you’re confining farm animals, a corner gate makes it easier to drive the animals along the fence and out of your property.

If you plan to move heavy machinery or vehicles on and off your property, you will want to install a double gate to accommodate the equipment and your vehicle. Measure just how large of an opening you need to make sure you have the right sized gate to create your entrance and exit. If your gate opens onto your street or a highway, set your gate far enough back so you can pull your vehicle off the road while you get out and open the gate.

If you have any doubts about what size gate you need, play it safe and order the next larger size. One thing to remember is that gate sizes are determined by the opening, not the actual gate size. For example, a 4-foot wide gate is designed for 4 feet of space between the posts and the gate itself will measure 46.5 inches.

Installing the Gateposts

Your gate installation should start with the gateposts. Our aluminum fence posts are pre-punched so it’s important to be exact when installing the gateposts. Your posts need to be deeper than other fence posts to support all the added use of the gate. There is a fair amount of weight attached to these posts, so if your hole is too shallow, you may end up digging and securing the gate posts again. We suggest gates over 96″ be attached to posts dug to a depth of 30″, while smaller gates require only 24″ post hole depth.

Not sure which gate options are best for your project? Have questions about how much hardware you’ll need? Give us a call at 855-469-5421 and one of our fence experts will be more than happy to help you!