Aluminum Fencing Products

Powers Fence offers the highest quality, American-made aluminum fencing, shipped to any location in the United States or Canada. Whether you’re an experienced DIY enthusiast, a novice in home improvement, or a local vendor seeking the best deal possible on quality fence materials, Powers Fence is here to serve you and make sure you get the very best for your aluminum fencing project.

We offer the best prices on aluminum fence panels, posts, rails and gates as we have a strong partnership with the nation’s highest quality manufacturer of aluminum fence. Because we have an exclusive relationship with the vendor, we pass along those savings to you so you get the best pricing for your fence project.

Our materials are constructed with heavy wall aluminum extrusions and finished with Platinum Certified DuPont Armor-Guard™ TGIC polyester powder coating. To top it off, our aluminum fencing comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Powers Fence also offers quick shipping—most of the orders go out within 5 days!

Aluminum Fence Panels

We offer three panel styles for your fence project – the Ascot (A series), the Belmont (Series B), and the Canterbury (Series C). Each panel style offers a different look, with flat-tops, pickets or a combination of the two.


Aluminum Fence Posts

Posts are the foundation that gives your fence strength, and selecting the right posts for different tasks is an essential step in the installation process. Line posts, corner posts, gate posts and end posts are available to complete any design you can create.


Aluminum Fence Gates

Gates receive more use than any section of your fence, so quality and durability is essential. Choose from either 4 or 5-foot wide panels for single or double gates. Gates come in three styles to match up with your panel selection.


Aluminum Fence Hardware & Accessories

Hardware and accessories are just as essential as the panels and posts that make up your fence. Our hardware is selected to give you the best quality and performance at an affordable price.


Customizing Your Online Fence Order

The parts we sell online are always available and can easily ship to your home within a matter of days. However, you can customize your fence as much as you want. It just means we may need to have those parts fabricated and they may take several days or one to two weeks for all your parts to ship.