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To complete your aluminum fence installation, the hardware and accessories you choose are equally as important as the panels, posts, and gates. Hardware should never be skimped on when it comes to putting together a fence. At Powers Fence, we offer the best quality products to ensure you build the strongest and most durable fence possible. You can order everything you need to complete your fence project on this page and know that you’re getting 100% American-made products that will support your fence for a lifetime.

Aluminum Gate Latches

Each gate you install requires a latch to keep your gate closed. All our latches come from D&D Technologies, the leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art gate hardware products.

The LokkLatch combines the unique benefits of key-lockability and reliable latching action with superior design and rust-proof components. LokkLatch also offers a high degree of versatility, as it is adjustable both vertically and horizontally to ensure proper fit and reliable operation. This latch suits all square post gate and fencing materials as well as left or right hinged gates for easy installation.

Magna Latch
Designed for swimming pool gates, the MagnaLatch Top Pull can extend above the height of the fence to keep the release knob out of the reach of children. The added height can make a shorter fence (48”) meet the minimum latch height requirement of 54”. Magna Latches are also key-lockable for added safety.

Aluminum Gate Hinges

If you install a single gate, you need one set of hinges; if you install a double gate, two sets of hinges are required.

Metal Hinge Set
Each packet comes with two hinges that are truly easy to install. You can adjust the tension on these hinges to make a gate self-closing if necessary.

D&D TruClose Hinge
The TruClose Hinge is one of the best hinges on the market, with self-closing action, along with dual adjustability for gate weight and closing speed. While maintaining its important self-closing safety element the TruClose Hinge features improved strength and advanced patented tension adjustment features.

D&D Heavy Duty TruClose Hinge
If you’re working with larger fence panels, fencing to meet pool code or double gates, the D&D Heavy Duty TruClose Hinge can deal with high traffic over the years and won’t require replacement.

Aluminum Gate Drop Rods

For a double-gate system that will open manually, you will need at least one drop rod to keep one half of the gate system stationary so the other leaf can latch to it.

Standard Drop Rods
Made from heavy duty stainless steel. Screws and 2 guides are included. A pad lock can be used for added security.

Lock Bolt Drop Rods
Comes with a built-in key lock and is typically used on driveway gate systems or for added security to keep intruders off your property.

Aluminum Fence Brackets

Sometimes when installing a fence, you may deal with an area where it’s difficult to have your panels properly line up, or you may wish to have a section of fence extend at a diagonal angle. When this happens, you need to use brackets to connect the panels and continue the fence line.

When buying brackets, you typically need three for every side of a post. One of the best ways to estimate if you will need brackets is to walk the entire fence perimeter before you order any pieces and make note of any potential areas where the posts and panels may not align properly.

Standard Wall Brackets
These brackets are ideal for installing a fence on a steep grade. When you “step” (versus installing it to follow grade) a fence, wall brackets offer a cleaner, easier option than hand routing your posts.

Swivel Brackets
Use these when you need to angle or slightly turn your fence panels, to create corners at any angle, diagonal fence sections and any shape for your fenced area.

Aluminum Fence Maintenance Products

Even though our aluminum fences come with a lifetime guarantee, accidents do happen. We offer two ways to touch up your fence’s coating:

Alumi-Guard Spray Paint
The spray paint is generally used for larger areas, like screw holes or gate hardware.

Alumi-Guard Touch Up Pen
The paint pen is the preferred option when it comes to touching up small dings. Its small size means you will only paint on the blemished area, which gives a better overall finished appearance.

Aluminum Fence Caps

Our fence posts come with standard flat-top caps. However, if you want something more ornate or functional, you can purchase the following:

Ball Caps
Comes with a 2” ball top that adds additional beauty.

Solar Caps
Want some additional mood lighting for your property without the need for additional electricity? Nothing adds atmosphere and flair like the glow of lighted post caps around the perimeter of your fence.

Custom Accessories
In addition to standard, ball and solar caps for your fence posts for your project, you can also custom order the following adornments for your fence to create a truly unique look and feel:

  • Pressed Spear
  • Tri-Ad Finial
  • Quad Finial
  • Fleur-De-Lis
  • Rings
  • Butterfly Scroll
  • Estate Scroll


Not sure how much hardware you’ll need? Have questions about the best rods or hinges for your project? Give us a call at 855-469-5421 and one of our fence experts will be more than happy to help you!