Aluminum Fence Posts

Powers Fence offers four styles of aluminum fence posts. Just like our aluminum fence panels, our aluminum posts are 100% American made, constructed with heavy wall aluminum extrusions and finished with Platinum Certified DuPont Armor-Guard™ TGIC polyester powder coating.  Our powder coating is twice as thick and hard as baked on enamel finishes and is much more durable than baked on enamel.

All our posts are built to pair with the matching heights of our panels once you set them into the ground:

  • 48” tall
  • 54” tall
  • 60” tall

Aluminum Fence Line Posts

With holes routed on opposite sides, aluminum fence line posts are used to connect panels along straight sections of fence. Depending on your installation, you will likely use more of these posts than any other style.

Aluminum Fence Corner Posts

Corner posts have holes routed adjacent to one another to make 90-degree connections between fence panels at the corners of your installation.

Aluminum Fence End Posts

End posts have holes routed on one side only for when you terminate the end of the fence line. End posts are also useful for installing corners at angles other than 90 degrees. With the use of a swivel bracket, you can create corners at any angle needed, allowing for diagonal fence sections and installations of any shape.

Aluminum Fence Gate Posts

Similar to end posts, gate posts have holes on one side. The primary difference is that the thickness of the post is almost doubled to support the weight and use of the gate. A gate gets more wear than the rest of the fence, so it should be strong and made of top quality materials. To keep the gate from sagging and being difficult to operate, set and brace your gate posts the same as you would any anchor posts.

Aluminum Fence Blank Posts

These blank posts are not pre-punched with rail holes and can be used with any of the three series of fence styles.  Flat post caps are included with the post.

The graphic below illustrates how each style of post should be used in your installation.

How-to-Order-Fencing-Guidelines (1)

Not sure how many posts you’ll need or how many to order for your fence perimeter? Have questions about which size to order to match the height of your fence? Give us a call at 855-469-5421 and one of our fence experts will be more than happy to help you!