Even if you build the majority of your fence with other types of fencing materials, aluminum fence gates make for a great option for creating an entrance and exit on your property. You can choose from either four and five feet wide panels for a single panel gate or eight and ten feet wide for a double gate.

Most aluminum fence gates come in three heights:

48” tall
54” tall
60” tall

When building your own fence, make sure to account for the gate’s location before getting started! We recommend placing your gate in a well-drained area where there’s little opportunity for erosion. Your gate is a high-traffic area, so make sure the ground is up to the task of supporting a lot of movement.

Not sure which aluminum fence gates are best for your project? Have questions about how much hardware you’ll need? Click to download our How To Order Fencing guide to help you determine what aluminum fencing materials you will need or give us a call at 855-469-5421 and one of our fence experts will be more than happy to help you!

Don’t forget your hardware!

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