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hoa-fence-approvalPowers Fence is designed to make the process of ordering materials and installing your aluminum fence as easy as possible. We’re more than an online store with great pricing on aluminum fencing products – we’re a team of fence professionals that are here to answer your questions and provide exceptional service.

Buying online from Powers Fence Supply means that you also have access to our many fence installation experts who are more than happy to help you out should you have a question or concern while installing your fence. Not sure which style would work best for your project? Have questions about meeting pool code or local or city ordinances? Have questions about mixing and matching styles in one fence solution? Want to know how you can further customize your fence solution with either different colors or grades of aluminum? Simply call us at 855 469-5421 and we’ll answer any questions you have.

Measuring your Area? Try GEO Draw

Planning is critical, so make sure you devote time to properly measure your installation area. To help with this process, we offer a unique software application – GEO Draw. Using GEO Draw, you can locate your property using Google Maps, easily draw out the area you wish to fence in, and get reliable measurements for use in estimating the amount of materials needed for your project. Our customer service department can even walk you through the process and help you select your materials using the information you receive from GEO Draw.

Try GEO Draw

How Does Shipping Work?

We ship to any location in the United States and Canada. In most cases, we can have your fencing materials shipped to you in 5-7 days. Our products are packaged on a palette and drop shipped for commercial delivery. We can deliver to a residential address for an additional fee of $75.

We offer FREE SHIPPING on orders that meet the minimum amount required for your shipping region. This minimum amount varies depending on your exact zip code, as do shipping prices for orders under the minimum. The only way to accurately determine your shipping costs is to enter your materials and shipping location in the checkout process, or call our customer service department.

Determine What Materials Are Needed

Ordering the materials you need for your fence is easy once you understand the components and their individual functions. Here are some basic facts about the materials you should know in order to purchase everything you need.

  • Fence Sections are 6’ long
  • End Posts are used at the beginning and the end of any fence design. They are the heaviest of all the post types.
  • Line Posts are used to connect the 6’ Fence Sections.
  • Corner Posts are used at each corner.
  • Swivel Brackets, inserted into End Posts, are used when angles are incorporated into fence designs.
  • Gates are erected using 2 Gate Posts
  • One Gate requires one set of (two) Hinges.
  • Each Gate requires one Latch
  • One Drop Rod is needed to secure a set of Double Gates

The sample layout is intended to show you how and where the fence components are used.
The Materials List seen below lists all the materials used in the sample layout. View Here.

Materials List

  • 17 Fence Sections
  • 9 Line Posts
  • 4 End Posts
  • Corner Posts
  • Gate Posts
  • 1 4”wide Walk Gate
  • 8”wide Double Gate 3 Sets of Hinges
  • Latches
  • 1 Drop Rod
  • 6 Swivel Bracket

If you still have questions or concerns, call us at 855 469-5421 and we’ll gladly help you over the phone!