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2 Popular Backyard Black Aluminum Fence Designs

When it comes to building a strong fence that protects your family, keeps your pets inside your yard and establishes a solid border to benchmark where your property begins and ends, many DIY enthusiast look for a fence that’s easy to install and easy to maintain.  For these reasons, many choose to install a black aluminum fence.

When you do your homework, you’ll find that most consumers prefer 100% American made panels that are constructed with a polyester powder coating.  These panels are strong and highly durable and so they can survive the elements, no matter what extreme weather patterns occur.  Consumers also like purchasing aluminum fencing because it comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Over the years, we’ve sold a lot of aluminum fence throughout the nation and when it comes to the most popular options, two designs standout the most.

Two Popular Black Aluminum Fence Designs

Two of the most popular fence designs among consumers include the Standard 3-Channel Fence and the Ascot Puppy Picket.

The 54” Standard Series A Black Aluminum Fence

The 54” Standard Series A Fence ranks as one of the most popular fences sold across the nation.  The panels for this fence are all six feet long, come pre-assembled, and can rack up to 21”, which is the degree to which a fence panel can shift to accommodate the grade of the land.

The reason why the 54” tall standard panel is so popular is that it meets most pool codes in a greater part of the country.  Additionally, the 54” Standard panel is great for flat applications such as decks and patios and can keeps most mid-sized pets safe within the yard. Another reason why this panel style is popular is that this fence is perfect for running shrubbery around it and allows you to focus on the greenery as opposed to the fence.

Many homeowners also appreciate the third horizontal rail close to the top as it gives the panel an extra bit of support, reinforcing the overall panel’s structure.

The 54” Black Aluminum Puppy Picket Fence

The other most popular fence design among homeowners is the 54” Puppy Picket Fence.  The overall design for this fence resembles everything the 54” Standard Series A 3-Channel Fence has to offer, except that the bottom portion of the fence features an additional horizontal rail and smaller pickets placed closer together to keep smaller pets (and children) safe inside the yard.  The fence panel just ensures homeowners a bit more security and protection for their loved ones on two and four legs, which is why it is so popular.

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