Aluminum Fences Are the Best Choice for Maryland Winters

Light Pole on Mt Vernon, Maryland

Aluminum is the best material for all seasons.

Whether you are looking for the perfect new fence for your Maryland home or a durable and lasting fence for your commercial property, aluminum fencing is a fantastic choice. Aluminum fences are strong enough to survive Maryland winters without getting damaged or faded—and they are cost effective to boot! Here are some of the reasons that aluminum fences are the best choice for the long and chilly Maryland winters.

Aluminum Can Survive Moisture

Unlike wood fencing, which is incredibly susceptible to damage from moisture, aluminum can stand up to rain, snow, sleet, and ice. Aluminum is a non-ferric metal, unlike iron, so it also will not ever fall victim to rust. An iron fence in the snow will gradually oxidize and rust if it isn’t properly maintained and protected. If you don’t want to stress out every time it snows (well, about your fencing), aluminum fencing is a great choice.

Aluminum is Strong and Durable

Aluminum fencing is well known for being incredibly strong and durable, even in tough weather conditions. If you are interested in further protecting your aluminum fence, you can use powder coating or PVC to strengthen it and further protect it from damage or wire cutting (if security is also a concern).  Aluminum fencing does a great job of letting air through during blustery winter days. Some fencing, like wood or vinyl, can blow over or get severely damaged during snowstorms. Aluminum fencing can let the air and snow (and sleet and ice and…) blow right through without getting knocked over or damaged.

Choose Powers Fence Supply for All of Your Aluminum Fencing Supplies

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