Winterize Your Fences Now!

cartoon drawing of winter landscape

Have you started to winterize your fence yet?

The fall slipped by in a haze of pumpkin spice and cinnamon, Thanksgiving dashed by in a hole or two added to your belt, and now Christmas is well on its way. If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to winterize your fences now. Part of taking good care of your aluminum fence is doing seasonal maintenance, so take the weekend to winterize and you’ll get to relax and enjoy the holiday season without worry.

Winterizing Your Aluminum Fence

You love your aluminum fence because it requires so little maintenance and upkeep, but little doesn’t mean none! If you have powder coated your fence and it is in good shape, you can skip by this step. If you haven’t recently checked your aluminum fence, take a walk around and make sure that the protective coating is in good condition. If it isn’t, you’ll need to seal and repaint your fence before winter. If you leave portions of your aluminum fence exposed to winter weather, rust can set in. Use a still metal brush to remove rust and then prime and re-paint the affected areas.

Winterizing Your Aluminum Gates

If you have a gate as part of your fence, it might need a little extra care before winter. Gates are moved the most during a normal day, so wear and tear can take a toll on them before it ever shows on the rest of your aluminum fence. Make sure that your latch engages properly and isn’t dragging any part of the gate. Clean the latches or locking mechanisms from any dirt or debris. Just like you did with the rest of your aluminum fence, check for rust or any areas in need of repainting and take care of those now.

Choose Powers Fence Supply for All of Your Aluminum Fencing Needs

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