Want to Enhance Your Aluminum Fence? Try Finials

An aluminum fence looks great on its own, but for those who prefer a unique touch, there are multiple aluminum fence accessories available. Some examples of attractive accessories include caps, scrolls, and of course, finials.aluminum-fence-accessories-finials

Finials, also referred to as spears, adorn the pickets of your aluminum fence. They provide decoration and unique style to your fence and are one of the most popular aluminum fence accessories. Plus, they give your aluminum fence the classic appeal of a wrought iron fence, without the hassle!

Discover the many ornamental styles of finials available for custom order:


Fence Installation Pro Tips: Utility Marks

One of the most important things to take into consideration before performing fence installation is utility marks, or otherwise knowing where and what utilities are on your property. Before doing any construction on your property, always make sure you have the correct permits and know where the utility lines and hookups are on your property.ThinkstockPhotos-486919913

Below is a comprehensive guide of utility mark colors and their meaning, so you can better plan your fence installation.


3 Awesome DIY Aluminum Fence Ideas

With DIY projects being so popular, it’s no wonder the aluminum fence has evolved to become a home project. This is great news for homeowners, as there are a lot of applications for the standard aluminum fence. Want to begin your new fence project, but need ideas on applications? We’ll share 3 awesome aluminum fence installation ideas to give you some inspiration!aluminum-fence-diy