Want to Enhance Your Aluminum Fence? Try Finials

An aluminum fence looks great on its own, but for those who prefer a unique touch, there are multiple aluminum fence accessories available. Some examples of attractive accessories include caps, scrolls, and of course, finials.aluminum-fence-accessories-finials

Finials, also referred to as spears, adorn the pickets of your aluminum fence. They provide decoration and unique style to your fence and are one of the most popular aluminum fence accessories. Plus, they give your aluminum fence the classic appeal of a wrought iron fence, without the hassle!

Discover the many ornamental styles of finials available for custom order:

Types of finials

Finials can be custom ordered to match the look of any genesis-style aluminum fence, but they all originate from a base style. The three most common finial base styles are:

  • Triad
  • Quad
  • Fleur-De-Lis

Triad Finials

Triad finials resemble a barbed spear with three points. They have a traditional, antique feel to them, making them popular among aluminum fence accessories for a classic look.

Quad Finials

Like the name suggests, quad finials have four edges which generally come to a round tip. They have a more ornamental appeal; slightly more modern and very versatile.


These finials look just as sophisticated and elegant as the name. Curved edges and a rounded point create the appearance of a lily, just like its namesake (fleur-de-lys is French for ‘lily’).

Although each finial base has a general impression, they’re one of the easily-customizable aluminum fence accessories that can be crafted to fit any style. A custom triad finial can look just as elegant as a fleur-de-lis finial, and quad finials can be classic as well. No matter what theme you go for with your aluminum fence, there are finials to complete the perfect look.

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