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How To Install An Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences are among the easiest to install so long as you are thorough, patient and well prepared.  Planning is critical, so make sure you devote time to properly measure where the fence will go and make sure you measure your aluminum gates properly since the dimensions on these pieces may vary slightly.

Below are the standard instructions on how to install an aluminum fence.  In addition to this, we encourage you to download our How To Order Fencing Guide, which offers diagrams that supplement the instructions.


aluminum pool fence

Why We Love Aluminum Pool Fences (And You Should Too!)

Building a swimming pool this summer?  If you live in the United States, chances are that your pool vendor has advised you that in addition to your pool, you will also need a fence.  In fact, it’s often a requirement that some sort of perimeter go up around the pool area or else you may face heavy fines within your county or state.  If you need a protective perimeter for your pool, I suggest that you go with an aluminum pool fence.


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7 Common Misconceptions About Aluminum Fencing

When it comes down to it, aluminum fencing is one of the best fences money can buy—especially if you’re a DIYer who wants to take pride and pleasure in building your own fence!  Having sold hundreds of aluminum fences the past few years, it amazes me when I hear clients who express an interest in an aluminum fence, and then try to talk themselves out of it based on their limited research or what they hear from misinformed neighbors or (even worse) employees who work in retail stores.