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7 Common Misconceptions About Aluminum Fencing

When it comes down to it, aluminum fencing is one of the best fences money can buy—especially if you’re a DIYer who wants to take pride and pleasure in building your own fence!  Having sold hundreds of aluminum fences the past few years, it amazes me when I hear clients who express an interest in an aluminum fence, and then try to talk themselves out of it based on their limited research or what they hear from misinformed neighbors or (even worse) employees who work in retail stores.

Having grown up around fences all my life, I can honestly say aluminum fencing is one of the best fences.  Whether it’s for enclosing a pool or building a solid barrier to keep strangers off your property, aluminum fencing gets the job done and it’s also quite an attractive fence when designed well.  Think of it as in investment that will outlast even your children living at home or your next car!

Still, there are a lot of common misconceptions about aluminum fences and so before you do away with the idea that aluminum may not be the fence for you, let me take a moment to dispel some of the more common myths about aluminum fence:

1) Aluminum Fencing is Not as Strong as Steel

True, aluminum fencing is lighter in weight.  But just because it weighs less, it doesn’t mean that steel is always stronger.  In fact, the strength to weight ratio of aluminum fence panels is equivalent to the same density of steel.  Steel is indeed stiffer than aluminum, but overall, both materials make for a highly durable and strong fence.

2) Aluminum Fencing Will Rust Over Time

Here’s the short answer: Aluminum fencing cannot rust.  Not going to happen!  What can happen with certain kinds of aluminum is that it may oxidize, but it never rusts.  Because we use powder-coated aluminum fence materials, you never have to worry about the fence rusting ever—or it oxidizing for that matter!

3) Aluminum Fencing Won’t Rack Properly

If you have a hilly area on your property where the fence will go, don’t worry!  Aluminum fencing can easily rack and works well even in steeper areas.  This was not always the case, but new technologies enable aluminum fencing so that the rails follow the ground while the pickets stay vertical.

4) Aluminum Fencing Doesn’t Hold Up Well Over Time

Today’s aluminum fencing comes with a limited lifetime guarantee, so if you think owning a fence that comes with a warranty that lasts almost three decades won’t hold up, then I would like you to point out a more viable fencing option that’s not vinyl fencing!  Aluminum holds up extremely well and from my experience, homeowners who get an aluminum fence for one home will often purchase it again when they decide to move to a new property.  Why?  Powder coated surfaces are less likely to scratch, chip or fade than paint or other finishes and are also more resistant to wear and tear over time.  If you have family and friends who own a pool surrounded by an aluminum pool fence, just ask them to tell you how well aluminum holds up!

5) Aluminum Fencing Offers Few Options

One of the best things about aluminum is that you can choose from several colors, styles and grades of fence, depending on what your needs are.  At this time, we offer a variety of panel sizes and styles, all in black.  However, if you don’t happen to see exactly what you’re looking for on our online store—if you want a different color for your fence— give us a call as we’re more than happy to work with you to special order the exact materials you need to build your aluminum fence!

6) Aluminum Fencing is Hard to Install

Given that the panels come to your door already built and all you need to do is basically measure your fence, dig your fence posts, and properly set them in concrete before piecing together the fence, aluminum fencing is not that difficult at all to build!  We provide you with in-depth instructions and if you get stuck, Powers Fence Supply will be there to help you!

7) Aluminum Fencing is Too Expensive

Compared to chain link fencing, aluminum does cost more.  Compared to wrought iron fencing, aluminum is a bargain!  Wrought iron costs are extremely high given that wrought iron requires significant labor to build.  While you can assemble wrought iron panels in a shop, you have to always weld the panels to the iron posts on your property.  Once that’s done, then the welds require cleaning, priming and painting to finish the job.  So, you see why wrought iron costs more?  Labor is the key element here.

Aluminum doesn’t require such additional work and, as you can see from our site, it comes with that long lasting powder coating.  When I’ve done proposals for homeowners for a wood fence who express an interest in aluminum as well, they are shocked to see how the price difference isn’t all that significant, especially when you know that when you buy an aluminum fence, it lasts a lifetime!

Now That We’ve Cleared Up Your Perceptions About Aluminum Fencing…

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