aluminum fencing in front of white house

5 Reasons To Buy 100% American Made Aluminum Fencing

It’s no secret that Powers Fence Supply loves aluminum fencing!  Everyone at our organization loves the look and feel that an aluminum fence creates, as well as the security it brings when protecting your loved ones.  Our aluminum fencing materials are constructed with heavy wall aluminum extrusions and finished with Platinum Certified DuPont Armor-Guard™ TGIC polyester powder coating.  What that means to you is that every piece of your stylish aluminum fence has a fade and scratch-resistant powder-coat finish that offers twice the strength of typical acrylic finishes – and never requires painting. Its signature beauty, maintenance-free ease, steel-like durability.


aluminum hinges on fence

Don’t Forget to Order Your Aluminum Gate Hinges!

Have you ever gotten the supplies for your DIY project and find out right at the very end of it that you are missing one or two pieces that are essential to completing it?  Doesn’t this always happen on Sunday night when the stores are closed and so you’re stuck having to wait?  And isn’t it slightly embarrassing when your family and friends hear a loud chain of curse words that you normally don’t let fly unless it’s at a football game?



Dress Up Your Aluminum Fence With Welded Rings

54" Series A 3 Rail with Welded Rings Walk Gate

54″ Series A 3 Rail with Welded Rings Walk Gate

54" Series A with welded rings

54″ Series A with welded rings

54" Series A 3 Rail with Welded Rings

54″ Series A 3 Rail with Welded Rings

Powers Fence Supply is able to customize any order to meet your fencing needs.  Pictured is a 54” Series A 3-channel with added welded rings.  The rings make a beautiful addition to a simple fence and can be used just as an accent on focal points, such as entry gates.  A small upgrade can make a huge impact!  Please call us at 1-855-469-5421 or email for design ideas!

fence posts in concrete

Should My Fence Posts Be Set in Concrete?

When it comes to installing a fence, one of the key things you need to know is that your fence posts are the essential piece of the installation to keep your fence enclosure upright and straight.  Poorly installed posts means that over time, your fence can become unstable.  If your posts are too wobbly, the fence could collapse under pressure or during strong winds.