The Benefits of Aluminum Fencing

http-10-1-10-228-advpgallery-com-wp-content-uploads-2016-09-aluminum-fenceWhen choosing the best DIY fencing project for your home, you want to ensure that you’re making the best choice. Scrolling through Pinterest and housing blogs can make your head spin when you notice all of the different types of fencing available to you. At Power’s Fence, we’re designed to make the process of ordering materials and installing your aluminum fence as easy as possible. You could say that we’re a little obsessed with the aluminum fence, and for good reason. More

The Benefits of Working With Aluminum Fence Specialists

aluminum fence

There are many benefits of an aluminum fence for both residential and commercial properties.

Now that you’re looking for a new fence, and you’re wisely considering aluminum, you might ask yourself whether you need a custom aluminum fence installed for a residential or commercial property. If so, then it may very well be time to invest in a custom aluminum fence from Powers Fence Supply. More

How to Choose Your Aluminum Fence Colors

So you’ve decided to install decorative aluminum fence — Congratulations! Now it’s time for something you may not have considered: you’ll have to pick the right aluminum fence colors to match your property. Powder coating for aluminum fencing not only provides a decorative flair, but also adds functional value by protecting and strengthening your fence.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your decorative aluminum fence colors from Powers Fence Supply:

Aluminum Fence Colors and Your Property

Photo: Decorative Aluminum Fence Colors Can Affect Your Whole Property

When you choose your decorative aluminum fence colors, you’ll have to consider your property and your neighbors’.

This is the crux of your choice: How do you want to match your fence to your property? Will you try to complement or match the colors of your home? What features on your property do you want your fence to highlight?

Aluminum Fence Colors and Your Neighbors

Some neighborhoods have rules governing the types of fencing allowed, which may help narrow your decision. At the very least, it’s worth considering your neighbors’ input, since you’re potentially affecting the look of their property as well. How will your fence match or stand out from other fencing in your neighborhood? A glossy bronze finish may look great next to your new trim, but does it look great next to the house next door?

Aluminum Fence Colors and Time

Your decorative aluminum fence from Powers Fence Supply is finished with Platinum Certified DuPont Armor-Guard™ TGIC polyester powder coating. Your fencing will be fade and scratch-resistant – and never require painting. This is a big advantage in cost and energy over the life of the fence, but it also means your choice today will last for years to come. Consider that you may paint your house, change your lawn or even sell your home before you’ll need to change your fence. Like your choice of fencing, choose a color that will stand the test of time.

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5 Ways Aluminum Fencing Makes Great Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter fencing is beneficial for both residential and commercial properties. The main idea behind it is to keep people and/or animals out, or in some cases, in. Aluminum fencing works great for this because of its strength, design, and versatility.


Aluminum fencing makes great perimeter fencing for many applications.

Check out the various ways aluminum fencing makes great perimeter fencing below:


Install Puppy Picket for Your Furry Pal

For many people, their pets are family, which means they want them to be safe. Sometimes, our ‘furry family’ members are petite and can easily fit through small spaces that they shouldn’t. Luckily, for our tiny pet pals, there is puppy picket.Series C Aluminum Fence Panels

Learn exactly what puppy picket aluminum fence is and how it keeps your pets safe, secure, and happy.


3 Awesome DIY Aluminum Fence Ideas

With DIY projects being so popular, it’s no wonder the aluminum fence has evolved to become a home project. This is great news for homeowners, as there are a lot of applications for the standard aluminum fence. Want to begin your new fence project, but need ideas on applications? We’ll share 3 awesome aluminum fence installation ideas to give you some inspiration!aluminum-fence-diy


Aluminum Fence

What to Consider When Replacing an Existing Fence

Depending upon the type of materials used or their age, sometimes a homeowner needs to replace a fence.  Wood fences, in particular, can last a long time; yet unlike vinyl or aluminum, wood fences may eventually require replacement after decades’ worth of service.In some cases, there’s a need to replace a fence when it’s not properly installed or inferior materials are used to build the original fence.

Sometimes there’s also a need to replace a fence due to weather activity—in recent years we’ve seen some fences get destroyed by high winds during thunderstorms or when hurricanes pass through.

But no matter the situation, when it’s time to replace a fence, there are some important things to think about:

Property Considerations Before You Replace a Fence

Check Your Local Zoning Laws

Perhaps the most important thing to consider before replacing a fence is to check your local zoning laws to see if you need a permit to replace an existing fence.  Even if you plan to use the same materials and replace the fence with the exact same height; you may still need to get a permit prior to installation.  The biggest mistake homeowners often make is replacing a fence without checking their local jurisdiction and end up spending a fortune in fees due to incorrect assumptions.  The same is true for those homeowners who need to adhere to guidelines from their local Homeowner’s Association (HOA)—always look at your guidelines to see if you need to get written approval before replacing a fence.

When you replace a fence, it’s also a good time to see if the existing fence is set on your property line. Sometimes a fence gets installed that falls short of your property line so a good time to correct that is when you install a replacement fence.  Likewise, if you find out that your current fence goes beyond your property line, a good time to rectify that situation is when you get a new fence installed.

Call Utilities Before You Replace a Fence

Even though you plan to replace a fence in the exact same spot as before, always call Miss Utility before you dig!  You never want to run the risk of hitting pipes or wires underground, even if your fence posts will go in the exact same area as before.  We’ve seen homeowners who are not the original owners make this mistake several times—they attempt to replace a fence on their own and run into big problems when they dig a new post hole that goes a few inches deeper than the original ones.  Trust me, this is a problem you don’t want to have!

Purchasing Considerations Before You Replace a Fence

Material Considerations

When there’s a need to replace a fence, we encourage you to look at the materials of your original fence, especially if you need to replace a wood fence due to rotting.  Make sure you find out the type of wood used.  As we’ve said before, not all grades and types of wood are created equal.  If your goal is to replace your fence just once and never have to worry about it again, you may want to explore a higher grade of material such as ornamental aluminum.

Think Long Term When You Replace a Fence

When you need to replace a fence, it’s a good time to ask why you need the replacement fence in the first place.  Sometimes when you buy a home with an existing fence, the original homeowner had a set of needs that may not match your present ones.  For example, if you need to replace a three-foot tall picket fence and you now plan to have children and pets, you may want to replace that fence with something taller and a bit sturdier to protect your children and keep your animals safe inside your yard.  Likewise, if you plan to install a pool in the yard, you may need to change where the fence goes based on local pool code.

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3 Types of Aluminum DIY Fence Ideas

At Powers Fence Supply, we offer one of the most versatile fencing materials on the market today: aluminum. No matter what your needs are, aluminum fencing fulfills them by being a highly economical, low maintenance and environmentally friendly fence.

If you’re looking to complete that huge outdoor DIY project before fall turns into winter this year, consider these three aluminum DIY fence ideas that could be your perfect fence solution!



Going for the “Olde” Aluminum Fence Look?

During the colonial era of the 19th century, ornamental fences were brought to America from England for the aristocrats and the elite. They were installed around upscale mansions, extravagant churches, and other upper class public buildings. Often times, they were merely used as a decoration; to accent the beauty of the building, the yard, the garden, among other things.

Nowadays, ornamental iron fences are becoming more and more rare and aluminum fences are taking their place. And, they are now no longer strictly available to the rich and famous! These days, anyone can achieve the look of the elegant and lavish ornate iron fence at a much more affordable price.


aluminum hinges on fence

Don’t Forget to Order Your Aluminum Gate Hinges!

Have you ever gotten the supplies for your DIY project and find out right at the very end of it that you are missing one or two pieces that are essential to completing it?  Doesn’t this always happen on Sunday night when the stores are closed and so you’re stuck having to wait?  And isn’t it slightly embarrassing when your family and friends hear a loud chain of curse words that you normally don’t let fly unless it’s at a football game?