Going for the “Olde” Aluminum Fence Look?

During the colonial era of the 19th century, ornamental fences were brought to America from England for the aristocrats and the elite. They were installed around upscale mansions, extravagant churches, and other upper class public buildings. Often times, they were merely used as a decoration; to accent the beauty of the building, the yard, the garden, among other things.

Nowadays, ornamental iron fences are becoming more and more rare and aluminum fences are taking their place. And, they are now no longer strictly available to the rich and famous! These days, anyone can achieve the look of the elegant and lavish ornate iron fence at a much more affordable price.

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You can still achieve the classic look of an old ornate iron fence with an aluminum fence, and you can do this at a fraction of the price! A great way to do that with aluminum is to add aluminum ball caps to your fence posts. Even if you decide on a simple fence design like the styles offered through Powers Fence Supply (Series A, B, or C), adding the ball caps can give the fence the antique appearance that appeals to so many.

A small upgrade can make a huge difference in the appearance of your fence! By adding ball caps to your aluminum fence, you are not only increasing the beauty of the fence, but you are adding value to it as well.

If you are going for a more economical option, some homeowner’s opt to add aluminum ball caps to accent posts, such as gate posts or corner posts. This gives you the best of both worlds! You get the beauty of the accent, without the extra cost of adding a cap to EVERY post.

If you are “on the fence” about whether or not you want aluminum ball caps on your fence, you can always order the standard post with cap and add the ball cap upgrade later down the road. The posts come with a standard 2”x2” flat cap included for no extra charge. So, if this is something you considering, but are still undecided on, it would be no extra cost to order the ball caps later down the road and swap the caps out that point.

Do you have an existing aluminum fence and that you want to spruce up? We would be happy to offer just the aluminum ball caps and have them shipped directly to you! Powers Fence Supply offers 2” square balls caps through the website, but can make any size aluminum ball cap to order. If you are interested in a custom size ball cap, call us 1-855-469-5421.

All of our caps are aluminum die cast and are powder coated using the exact same process as the fence panels, posts, and gates. The ball cap accessories are 100% American made, constructed with heavy wall aluminum and finished with Platinum Certified DuPont Armor-Guard™ TGIC polyester powder coating.  Tested in Florida’s hot, humid, high salt concentrated environment, our finish surpasses the 4000-hour salt spray test – which is more than double what the AAMA mandates!

Please visit our “accessories” page for more information: http://www.powersfencesupply.com/product-category/aluminum/accessories/

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