white aluminum fencing

Gorgeous White Aluminum Fencing For Your Home

Some homeowners associate aluminum fence with security fences that are black and look like something meant to protect a prison or a secure government facility.  And while it’s true that you will see black aluminum fence a majority of the time protecting these buildings, you can choose among several different colors when it comes to building a fence for your own home.

One of the most popular colors for aluminum fencing is white.  Personally, I think it’s a much more inviting color and it works well in practically every home design scenario you can create.  Thinking about building your own fence this fall?  Consider gorgeous white aluminum fencing for your home!



A process first introduced in the U.S nearly half a century ago, powder coating has become an extremely popular option on aluminum fencing because of its functional (protective) and decorative finishes, its availability in an almost limitless range of colors and textures, and the technological advancements that demonstrate excellent performance.  If you’re looking to install an aluminum fence, consider enhancing its value with powder coating because of the significant advantages this process provides.


aluminum security fence

Why Aluminum Fences Make The Perfect Security Fence

With some counties in our area experiencing a slight surge in crime, many homeowners share increased concerns for protecting their families and pets as well as a desire to prevent robberies and other crimes.  While robberies are typically most homeowner’s main concern, vandalism and trespassing can also be disconcerting. Nothing is more important than the safety of your family and peace of mind!

If you’re looking to create some added security for your home and protect your loved ones without breaking the bank, I recommend that you build your own aluminum security fence. This can be a relatively inexpensive and effective way to give your home and yard the desired security.


3 Types of Aluminum DIY Fence Ideas

At Powers Fence Supply, we offer one of the most versatile fencing materials on the market today: aluminum. No matter what your needs are, aluminum fencing fulfills them by being a highly economical, low maintenance and environmentally friendly fence.

If you’re looking to complete that huge outdoor DIY project before fall turns into winter this year, consider these three aluminum DIY fence ideas that could be your perfect fence solution!



Going for the “Olde” Aluminum Fence Look?

During the colonial era of the 19th century, ornamental fences were brought to America from England for the aristocrats and the elite. They were installed around upscale mansions, extravagant churches, and other upper class public buildings. Often times, they were merely used as a decoration; to accent the beauty of the building, the yard, the garden, among other things.

Nowadays, ornamental iron fences are becoming more and more rare and aluminum fences are taking their place. And, they are now no longer strictly available to the rich and famous! These days, anyone can achieve the look of the elegant and lavish ornate iron fence at a much more affordable price.