3 Types of Aluminum DIY Fence Ideas

At Powers Fence Supply, we offer one of the most versatile fencing materials on the market today: aluminum. No matter what your needs are, aluminum fencing fulfills them by being a highly economical, low maintenance and environmentally friendly fence.

If you’re looking to complete that huge outdoor DIY project before fall turns into winter this year, consider these three aluminum DIY fence ideas that could be your perfect fence solution!

Aluminum DIY Fence Ideas

Aluminum Garden Fence Brings More Beauty

Aluminum fencing is simply one of the best fences that easily complements the natural beauty of a rich and vibrant garden. Because the panels come with individually spaced rods that creates a sense of transparency, an aluminum fence is a great way to display your garden both inside and outside your yard. Because aluminum also comes in multiple colors, you can design your fence to give your garden a bit more personality and uniqueness. Aluminum is also a fantastic choice should you want to plan climbing plants like honeysuckle as the rails create a natural lattice to guide the vines.


Aluminum Fence Provides Security For Your Family

Need a strong fence to keep strangers out but still want to enjoy the view beyond your own yard? An aluminum fence is highly sturdy for establishing a strong perimeter that keeps your pets and children inside your yard and keeps intruders out. Standard grade aluminum is one of the most economical DIY fence projects you can install—it’s cheaper and much easier than wrought iron to build. However, if you have a desire for additional security, there are several grades of aluminum you can order to build a fence to make it extremely difficult for anyone to get onto your property. To keep people from climbing over your fence, you can install fence panels with spikes.

Aluminum Pool Fence Keeps Your Children Safe

Got a swimming pool and want to build your own fence that satisfies all code requirements? Look no further than an aluminum fence! The vertical rails in aluminum panels are especially child proof, meaning your kids cannot crawl through or climb over the bars. For added protection, make sure you purchase a strong lock or a childproof latch that keeps the little ones away from the pool when you’re not around. If you have small pets, you can also build an aluminum fence with panels that have special rails at the bottom to keep your four-legged pets from wandering into the pool area without your knowledge.


Ready to Build Your Aluminum Fence?

If you want to install your own fence this fall and are ready to build, you can either click here to get started, take advantage of our chat feature by clicking the button on the left, or call us at Powers Fence Supply and you’ll soon have all the materials you need to build the best DIY fence on the market!

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