Fencing Permits: Are They Necessary?

The short answer is for most applications, yes. However, it depends on several different factors, so the real answer is to do your research prior to purchasing and installing your fence. Part of your research can be done here, where we’ll go over fencing permits, regulations, and how to find out whether or not you need a permit for your aluminum fencing.001-004-FlatTop-SeriesA-2-Rail-large


Know the Benefits of Aluminum Fence

There are many material options for fences: vinyl, composite, chain-link, wood—just to name a few. So what’s the deal with aluminum? Aluminum fences come with a variety of benefits, including being lightweight yet incredibly strong. When searching fencing solutions for your home, keep the following aluminum fence benefits in mind:aluminum-fence-fencing-solutions


5 Ways Aluminum Fencing Makes Great Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter fencing is beneficial for both residential and commercial properties. The main idea behind it is to keep people and/or animals out, or in some cases, in. Aluminum fencing works great for this because of its strength, design, and versatility.


Aluminum fencing makes great perimeter fencing for many applications.

Check out the various ways aluminum fencing makes great perimeter fencing below:


Install Puppy Picket for Your Furry Pal

For many people, their pets are family, which means they want them to be safe. Sometimes, our ‘furry family’ members are petite and can easily fit through small spaces that they shouldn’t. Luckily, for our tiny pet pals, there is puppy picket.Series C Aluminum Fence Panels

Learn exactly what puppy picket aluminum fence is and how it keeps your pets safe, secure, and happy.