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Why Aluminum Fences Make The Perfect Security Fence

With some counties in our area experiencing a slight surge in crime, many homeowners share increased concerns for protecting their families and pets as well as a desire to prevent robberies and other crimes.  While robberies are typically most homeowner’s main concern, vandalism and trespassing can also be disconcerting. Nothing is more important than the safety of your family and peace of mind!

If you’re looking to create some added security for your home and protect your loved ones without breaking the bank, I recommend that you build your own aluminum security fence. This can be a relatively inexpensive and effective way to give your home and yard the desired security.

Why Build a Security Fence with Aluminum

It’s true, aluminum fences cost more than wood fences but the advantage is that once installed, an aluminum fence requires little to no maintenance, painting or staining. Aluminum also costs much less than steel or wrought iron fences and are much easier for most DIYers to install. Adding an aluminum security fence can also increase the value of your home and its curb appeal. No matter what color you choose, black, white, or an alternative neutral tone, the fence is classic and goes well with any type of garden. Your vibrant flowers will pop with color against this dramatic yet simple backdrop.

Aluminum fences allow for security while not completely blocking the view from inside or outside of your yard. Additionally, buying and installing a security fence online can save you significant dollars! By putting the fence in yourself, you are able to save on labor costs which allows those hard earned bucks to stay in your pocket. Even so, it’s hard to put a price on the well-being of you and your loved ones.

Depending upon your needs, most security fences are typically 54 inches or higher and come with secure locking gates.  You can even order them with spear points for the top of the rail which deters trespassers from jumping over your fence. The higher the fence, the more secure it will be. Powers Fence Supply currently offers panels that are 48, 54, or 60 inches in height; you can choose to order taller panels and we’re more than happy to drop ship those to your home; it just takes longer than the standard order.

Aluminum fence is known for its remarkable strength and the panels being rackable, which means that you can allow for changes in elevation while maintaining security under the fence.  The fence remains durable yet allows for that extra boost of safety that every family is looking for.

Ready to Build an Aluminum Security Fence?

If you’re ready to build an aluminum security fence for your property, you can order online by clicking here or take advantage of our chat feature during business hours and we’re more than happy to answer your questions or place a custom order for a security fence that meets your needs!  You can also call us at  855-469-5421 and talk to our amazing aluminum fence experts!

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