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Why We Love Aluminum Pool Fences (And You Should Too!)

Building a swimming pool this summer?  If you live in the United States, chances are that your pool vendor has advised you that in addition to your pool, you will also need a fence.  In fact, it’s often a requirement that some sort of perimeter go up around the pool area or else you may face heavy fines within your county or state.  If you need a protective perimeter for your pool, I suggest that you go with an aluminum pool fence.

Let me tell you why…

Aluminum Pool Fences Keep Your Children Safe

First, I am the mother of two small children.  I could not imagine having anything other than an aluminum pool fence surrounding a pool to keep the small children from entering the area without an adult around.  The vertical rails in aluminum panels are exceedingly child (and small pet) proof, meaning your kids cannot crawl through or climb over the bars.  A solid lock or a child-proof latch also keeps your children away from the pool when you’re not around.

The last thing you ever want to have happen is a pool accident because you failed to follow proper safety guidelines for installing a fence.  In fact, as a parent, I’d go a step further and when your kids go visit a friend or a neighbor who has a pool, make sure there’s both a fence and an adult present while the kids are playing in the water.  All it takes is a few seconds for a child to submerge under water and panic—don’t allow your child or someone else’s to become a fatal statistic.

An aluminum fence affords you the safety in knowing a child cannot enter the pool area without you.  However, as someone who has heard and read about pool fatalities, let me go on the record and tell you that you should never leave small children unsupervised in a pool for any amount of time.  Read the newspapers and you will see why.  The most quoted line in pool accident stories is “I went inside to answer the phone, I couldn’t have been gone for more than a minute or two.”  Do not become a statistic for pool safety, do the right thing and install a pool fence—no matter what!

Remember, you can also choose from several grades of aluminum if you also have four-legged children you need to keep away from the pool or if you want to establish a strong barrier to keep unwanted guests from taking a dip when you’re not around (And yes, this still happens!).

Aluminum Pool Fences Are A Solid Investment

Aluminum pool fences will often last just as long as your pool, meaning beyond your lifetime of owning the home!  Most other fencing materials do not hold up as well over time and require a lot of maintenance.  Because of its powder coating, you do not have to worry about the materials rusting, chipping, rotting or fading.  You also won’t have to worry about excessive moisture or sun damage.  Once you install an aluminum pool fence, you can pretty much kick back, and enjoy your pool and have to deal with just taking care of the pool!  By the way, if anyone ever tells you that pools don’t require much maintenance…they are lying! And I speak from experience!

Aluminum Pool Fences Are Easy to Build

While you may not want to take on installing your own pool, you can easily install your own pool fence!  As long as you plan and cover your bases, aluminum fences are one of the easiest to install.  For pool fences, your posts and your gate are the two things you need to pay attention to as you want to set your posts in concrete so that they’re highly stable to keep intruders out and your children away from the pool when you’re not around.  Make sure you purchase a strong latch for your gate—the Magna Latch is a personal favorite of mine!  We have a full set of instructions on our site and you can also call us should you have a question about your pool fence installation.

Ready to Build Your Own Aluminum Pool Fence?

Got a pool going in this summer?  Have an existing one you need to put a fence around to remain compliant with local and state safety codes?  Click here to start your aluminum fence order online!  If you have questions, contact us today and we’ll help you with your order!  You can even use our online chat feature if you’re on the website during our regular office hours!

By ordering your aluminum pool fence now, you’ll have the entire summer to enjoy your pool!


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