Fence Installation Pro Tips: Utility Marks

One of the most important things to take into consideration before performing fence installation is utility marks, or otherwise knowing where and what utilities are on your property. Before doing any construction on your property, always make sure you have the correct permits and know where the utility lines and hookups are on your property.ThinkstockPhotos-486919913

Below is a comprehensive guide of utility mark colors and their meaning, so you can better plan your fence installation.

Utility marks and color codes

Red: Red utility marks signify cables, conduit, electric power lines, or any other utilities with potentially-dangerous current. For your safety, prior approval before fence installation on or around these utility marks is vital!

Yellow: This color marks oil, gas, petrol, or other gas-related materials. While most fences should not pose an issue for these marks, just like any utility mark, it’s important to have the proper permits and approvals beforehand.

Orange: Orange could also be conduit or cables, but mainly communication or signal lines. Depending on the setup, these may or may not impact your fence installation.

Blue, Purple, Green: These utility marks indicate potable water, slurry or irrigation lines, and drain/sewer lines, respectively.

Depending on your property and the utility setup, installing a fence without prior approval or permits could be hazardous to yourself and others. Always put safety first when it comes to utilities and fence installation, and heed color code warnings.

While fence installation generally isn’t hugely affected by most of these codes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. When you have the proper permits and know you’re not in danger of disrupting utilities, you can start setting up your new aluminum fence!

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