Custom Fencing Options From Powers Fence Supply

Have you looked through our online store and not seen the exact color, size and additional accessory items for your DIY aluminum fence project?  Don’t worry—we have everything you need when it comes to custom fencing options!  You’ll just need to use either our online chat feature or give us a call to place your order!

We designed our online store based on what is ready to ship from the manufacturer.  The parts we sell online are always available and can easily ship to your home or business within a matter of days.  However, custom fencing options are available as well, it just means that our manufacturer may need to fabricate those parts and they may take several days or one to two weeks for all your parts to ship.  This happens when we install a custom aluminum fence for our clients at our sister company, Frederick Fence; it also happens when you contract with any other fence manufacturer who builds custom fencing.

Never fear, when you order from Powers Fence Supply, you are purchasing 100% American-made aluminum fencing products that are constructed with heavy wall aluminum extrusions and finished with Platinum Certified DuPont Armor-Guard™ TGIC polyester powder coating.  To top it off, our aluminum fencing comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Below are the many options you can use to build your DIY aluminum fence project from Powers Fence Supply:

Custom Colors for Aluminum Fence  

fence colors

Our online store fence panels and posts come in black.  That’s the standard option manufacturers typically make and it’s still the most popular color sold across the country and around the world when it comes to aluminum fences.  However, if you want to select a different color for your fence that fits in better with your landscaping or your swimming pool or you live in a development that mandates that you use a different color, you can also order your aluminum fence in different colors:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Light Bronze
  • Dark Bronze Green
  • Beige

Custom Grades for Aluminum Fence

fence grades

Our online store currently offers aluminum fences that comes in a standard grade, meaning that the channels and pickets are measured and cut to the industry standard thickness.  The overwhelming majority of fences for residential homes make use of the residential or standard grade fence.  However, if you have strong security needs, large animals or are building a fence used for a public building, you can choose among several additional grades for aluminum fence:

  • Commercial—often used in apartment complexes, amusement parks and retail store-fronts.
  • Concealed Fastener—often used in very high-end residential communities and at commercial sites which require a medium level of security. If you have larger dogs or horses, many select this fence as it’s thicker and the concealed fastener system simply allows you to create a cleaner, more streamlined look on your property.
  • Municipal—features channels and pickets that are rectangular in shape, and are used for a medium level of security. You will often see this grade used in gated communities wanting a bit more security.
  • Industrial—often used in commercial and industrial settings. This grade is commonly used to achieve high visibility property boundary definition and a high level of security. This grade is also designed to withstand above-normal abuse and to act as a deterrent to trespassers.
  • Imperial—the thickest and sturdiest grade possible for aluminum fence.  The most typical application of imperial steel is used for prison borders or high security government facilities.

Custom Height for Aluminum Fence

Powers Fence Supply offers three heights when it comes to aluminum fence posts and aluminum fence panels—48, 54 and 60 inches.  However, you can custom design your fence to make use of 36, 42 or even 72 inch tall panels and posts.  Again, these are custom panels where most manufacturers keep a limited inventory.  You can design your DIY fence project with these heights; keep in mind that given the total footage used in your project may mean a longer wait time for these custom pieces.

Custom Panel Styles for Aluminum Fence

custom fencing styles

We currently offer three panel styles (Series A, B, and C) for your fence project.  However, if you’re looking for something different, we also can special order other types of panels.  One of the most popular panels is the puppy picket style of aluminum fence where the lower portion features pickets cut closer together to keep small dogs (and children) from ever getting through the fence.

See the picture below to get a sense of the various panels styles you can choose from for a custom aluminum fence project:

Custom Accessories for Aluminum Fence

fence adornments

In addition to the many aluminum fence accessories and aluminum fence hardware piece we have, we also offer standard, ball and solar caps for your fence posts for your project.  However, you can also custom order the following adornments for your fence to create a truly unique look and feel for your custom fence project:

  • Pressed Spear
  • Tri-Ad Finial
  • Quad Finial
  • Fleur-De-Lis
  • Rings
  • Butterfly Scroll
  • Estate Scroll

Creating the Aluminum Fence Project that’s Right for You 

The good news is that you can easily mix and match these projects to match your personal style and the terrain on your property.  Some DIYers may use various panel sizes where there are sharp inclines on their property or they may mix and match the adornments on the front of the house versus the back.  It’s all up to you as to what you want to design and build—our job is to give you the ultimate fence solution at a highly competitive price for the best products on the market!

Ready to Design Your Custom Aluminum Fence? 

If you’re ready to get started on your DIY aluminum fence project, but have some questions first, feel free to open up a live chat session or contact us for any questions you might have.

Happy designing!

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