aluminum deck railings

Enhance Your Outdoors With Aluminum Deck Railings

Planning to install a deck with a design that truly stands out from the rest of your home or yard?  Do you like the idea of using different materials from the flooring to create more depth and visual appeal? How about a railing with no maintenance that will outlast any harsh winter?

If so, you should consider installing aluminum deck railings!

Why Install Aluminum Deck Railings

Aluminum deck railings are durable

Wood is a strong product, but the continued exposure to the elements will eventually cause the wood to fade and not last as long as other materials.  Extreme weather conditions and temperature changes can also cause your railings to crack or even bow in places over time.  Aluminum, unlike wood, is not susceptible to corrosion or rust, and holds up during punishing weather conditions.  Aluminum railings will never splinter, twist, shrink, or warp.

Aluminum deck railings are maintenance free

Aluminum fencing is a naturally strong product and aluminum deck railings are made from the same materials, so they do not require a lot of upkeep. The powder-coated aluminum railings available these days need no maintenance whatsoever, but you may want to hose them down from time to time. Wood railings, over time, will eventually warp, split and require maintenance.  At the very least, you will need to apply either a sealant or some type of stain or paint to sustain the wood’s appearance.  The powder coating on our aluminum railings is permanent and will not crack, chip, or even peel.

Aluminum deck railings are cost effective

While aluminum deck railings cost more on the front end, you will save money over time as you will not need to maintain an aluminum railing. Wood railings require upkeep over the years, the cost of sealants and stains can add up, as well as the rusting of nails and hardware.  Think of it as a one-time investment in your deck that will provide you with a strong barrier to keep you and your family safe while you enjoy your backyard space in style.

Aluminum deck railings are gorgeous

Aluminum railings are among the most stylish of choices. They come in a variety of styles and seven colors (black, white, light bronze, dark bronze, green, gray, and beige), so you can be as creative as you like and build a deck railing that matches your home, your outdoor furniture or the rest of your yard. Aluminum goes well with any garden backdrop or pool area, while allowing you to see what is beyond the railing. You can easily watch your children playing in the backyard while enjoying your new beautiful deck.  Aluminum is sturdy, yet lightweight and costs far less than steel or wrought iron, while maintaining that classic, streamline look.

Ready to Purchase Aluminum Deck Railings?

Powers Fence can work with you to design and purchase the materials you need to install aluminum railings for your deck with a variety of styles and colors.  Use our chat feature to the left or contact us today to place your order!

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