Installing an Aluminum Pool Fence

Aluminum fencing

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It won’t be long until we’re lounging around outside with a glass of lemonade, a sun hat, and our bathing suits on. So, why not prepare for those sunny days by installing an aluminum pool fence now? Aluminum fencing is the cheapest, most easily installed  fencing option available to you. Surrounding your pool with it is an important precaution to prevent pool accidents. Aluminum fencing is not only rust proof but more durable than any other type of pool fencing. Now that you know the basics, let’s explore the process of actually installing an aluminum fence around your pool.

Do you Have Permission To Intall an Aluminum Pool Fence?

There are specific zoning laws for your neighborhood  that may prohibit you from building fences a certain height, with a certain material etc. Familiarize yourself with these before beginning your aluminum fence installation project. You also need to obtain a municipal order that states that your municipality is allowing you to build the specified aluminum fence around your pool.

How do you Want Your Aluminum Pool Fence to Look?

You select the color and design of your aluminum fence. Choosing whether you’d like a flashy bright color or a deeper, blended color is up to you! Keep in mind that bright colors will be seen easily from the street or sidewalk. If you want to draw attention to your pool, this is the best option for you. If you’d like the colors to blend into their surroundings, choosing a darker color will take some attention away from the pool. This is the exciting part! Feel free to get creative!

Where, Exactly, are you Going to Install Your Fence?

Choosing where exactly you’d like to build your aluminum fence will help in the installation process. It must be 3-4 ft from the border of the pool. Doing this ensures that there is optimal maneuvering space between the pool and the fence. Other than this necessary regulation, it is up to you to decide how far you’d like your aluminum fence constructed from the border of the pool.

Place Posts

Make sure you have a shovel! Placing your aluminum fence posts is the next step in this busy process. Dig holes in places you’ve decided as the starting lines of the fence. These posts are your fence’s support, so make sure they are stable enough to hold the weight of the aluminum fencing material. If your posts are wobbling, you may need to dig deeper holes.

Attach Aluminum Fence to Posts

There are diagrammed instructions for attaching the aluminum fence to the sturdily placed posts. Lay all aluminum fence pieces onto a flat surface. Connect all aluminum fence pieces at hinged points following the diagram. Carry the attached fencing material to the places posts. Hook up the assembled aluminum fence to the joint-like structures on the fence surface. Make sure to assemble the gate at the farthest point from the pool. This prevents accidents from happening. Once you’ve followed all these instructions, your pool fence should be set up, safe, and secure. Sit back and admire it.

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