Storm Proof Your Fence


Make sure to prepare your fence and yard for storm season.

A few weeks ago, we watched as Hurricane Hermine made little impact on the east coast. We were expected to receive inclement weather here in Maryland, but the storm hiccupped past without so much as a high wind.

We may not have needed to board up the windows, but it’s smart to be prepared when the next storm season is upon us. While you’re bringing in the patio furniture and covering up the pool, consider taking the time to ensure that your fence is prepared to handle all sorts of weather.

The only thing holding your fence upright is the pressure of the post against the soil. A chain link fence can sometimes fare better than wooden fences because the wind is able to pass through. That being said there are plenty of reasons even a chain link fence may not hold up during a particularly windy storm.

Trim Trees Near the Fence line

When it comes to keeping your fence safe, consider the elements surrounding your fence first. There may be large trees with limbs that hang over top of your fence line. Before storm season starts, it’s in your best interest to trim these limbs and any other objects that have the potential to fall on top of your fence. Also be sure to remove dead or dying trees as they can uproot during a storm and cause damage to your fence.

Check for Loose Posts

Whether your fence has been a part of your yard for a long time or its brand new, you should take an hour from your day and walk around it to check for loose posts. Loose or unstable posts have the potential to break off and fly freely during a storm with high winds. This could potentially cause damage to the rest of your home as well.

Lock Your Gate

If you know a windstorm is coming, be sure to get outside and lock the door to your gate. An unlocked gate can cause the door to slam into the fence during high winds, damaging the integrity of the fence itself.

Remove Objects From Your Yard

Bring everything inside or in the shed. Just as the gate of your fence can cause damage, an object as innocent as soccer balls can turn into potential damage to your fence or home.

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