The Best Plants for your Aluminum Fence


What to plant near your aluminum fence!

Structures covered in vines are one the most classic and inviting elements you can add to your yard. Vines are a timeless plant-life addition that can make and property feel like a true home. Vines can not only make your home look more beautiful but can increase your privacy. Unfortunately, when chosen incorrectly or improperly maintained, vines can be as destructive as they are beautiful. In their quest to soak up sunlight, they can climb high and thick and bring a structure down. You must choose the right vines for the right structure. Read on for helpful tips for pairing plant-life with your aluminum fence.

Plant-life That Is Not Fence Friendly

Invasive species can threaten not only your fence but potentially the entire geographic area surrounding you. Species such as English Ivy, chocolate vine, and wintercreeper will grow to overtake your entire property and even your house. Controlled burns and harmful chemicals are the only way to get rid of them. These will not only kill the vines, but many of the plants and trees on your property will, unfortunately, be caught in the crossfire.

The Best Plant-life For Your Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences are easily beautified and make excellent living fences. Wisteria, rambling roses, climbing hydrangea, and other strong woody vines which can slowly break apart other fences are no match for the strength of aluminum. As aluminum fence is strong and resistant to moisture and rust, you have a look more freedom with your vine selection than you would with a wooden fence. You can even grow sweet grape vines or thornier vines to act as a security measure.


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