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Wrought Iron Fence versus Aluminum Fence: What’s the Difference

One of the most frequent questions I get as a fence designer is whether to install either a wrought iron or aluminum fence.  Both are great fencing materials and both will do the job of providing a highly secure perimeter for your home or commercial property.  However, there are some distinct differences between the two fence materials worth considering before making a final decision. I hope that this explanation of their differences will help!

Facts About Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fence is a heavy fencing material made up of gauge square tubing for its vertical pickets and punched channel for its horizontal rails.  If you are looking for a heavy-duty fence, a wrought iron fence is the fence for you. This fencing is great for high security settings and a great fence to install if you expect much wear and tear. It is a very beautiful fence. Wrought iron fencing is best installed on level terrain or a retaining wall.  Typical wrought iron panels are 48” high X 96” wide, which means that its panels are wider than most aluminum fencing.  Panels also weigh about 47 pounds each, making it a heavy material to work with, but it also means a highly sturdy fence once installed.  Wrought iron comes only in a black powder coated finish. Wrought iron also requires a bit of maintenance, as it will eventually rust over the years when exposed to the outside environment.

Advantages of Wrought Iron Fencing

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty fence and have a need for security, wrought-iron fence is the best fence out there.  Wrought iron holds up well if you expect excessive wear and tear over the years.  Because it’s such a heavy material, wrought iron is the best fit for high security environments, like prisons and government buildings.  You’ll also see a lot of wrought iron in historic districts as this was the most popular material used aside from wood for many years.  Wrought iron also works best when installed on flat terrain and requires custom fabrication, meaning you will need professional equipment on your property to complete installation.

Facts About Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fence comes in multiple grades, meaning you can choose among several grades of fence, depending on your security needs.  Most residential grade aluminum comes with 5/8” by 5/8” vertical pickets and 1’ by 1” horizontal rails.  Aluminum fence panels are typically 6 feet in length and you can purchase them in varying heights, depending upon your needs.   The average panel weighs 12 pounds. Aluminum also comes with a powder-coated finish and will also never rust, chip, crack, or peel.  We offer aluminum with a limited lifetime warranty.

Advantages of Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fence is easy to install; for DIYers, it’s one of the easiest fences to build!  Aluminum offers the look of wrought iron, but it’s lighter in weight and costs significantly less.  Aluminum fencing is an incredible option if you like customization—not only can you choose among several grades of fence, with increasing stability for grade; you can also buy it in multiple colors, which many homeowners appreciate as they can create a fence that adds greater visual appeal in their yard.  One of the things most DIY experts like is that aluminum fence is also easy to repair should it get damaged as you can replace a single picket versus replacing an entire section of fence.  Aluminum is also easy to install and works well in an environment with a bit of a slope as you can rack the panels to adjust with the angle of the ground it covers.

The main advantage for using aluminum fence is that it’s maintenance free.  You never have to worry about painting it as its powder coating is there for the long haul, which also means that the fence will never rust, chip or peel!

At the end of the day, both fences are fantastic ones.  But if you are planning to install your own fence to save time and money, I say go with aluminum as it’s a great product and one of the easiest to build if you’ve never installed a fence before!

Get Started Now With Your Aluminum Fence Project

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