How To Deal With Neighbors During Aluminum Fence Installation


Keep your neighbors in mind during your aluminum fencing project!

Unfortunately, installing a new fence can shake up some irritating tension between you and your neighbors. Property line disputes, homeowners association quarrels, and uniform neighborhood conformity will make fence installation tricky. Luckily, in this week’s blog we’ll explore how to deal with these hurdles in a professional, diplomatic way to make sure you still get invited to those neighborhood bbq bashes this summer!

Fence Installation and Observing Boundaries

Do your research on property lines before installing your fence. How unfortunate would it be if you went through all the sweat, labor, and hard work of building it only to tear it down once neighbors complain it’s a few feet over the property line? Study your house line drawing or plat to find out the exact dimensions of your yard. You might also want to get in touch with a land surveyor. They will come take a look at your residence and expertly determine property lines for you. Without proper planning, you’ll make your landscaping adventure into a total disaster without considering your neighbors first.

Research HOA rules

The Homeowners Association dictate fencing style, height, and maintenance. Uniform neighborhood conformity is held to high standards by these guys, so making sure your new fence fits the necessary qualifications will help you avoid deconstruction nightmares. Do yourself a favor to avoid the committee’s wrath and get in touch with them today. Guidelines are different for each neighborhood so finding out who to contact sooner rather than later will get that new fence built much quicker! If your neighbors are concerned with keeping their neighborhood visually communal they may take issue with a fence that’s an obvious eye-sore.

Follow Zoning Regulations

Zoning laws specify height, material, and location restrictions on new fencing. Knowing what they are for your locality is extremely important. Property owners must apply for a building permit if their fence exceeds height allowances. The restrictions on material types are put in place to create harmony between multiple properties. Zoning laws may have you tear down an aluminum fence if all other homes have wooden picket fencing. Some communities require natural fencing so building an aluminum fence might not be an option at all. Zoning laws will also keep you from constructing your fence too close to public right of ways such as sidewalks, and may limit fencing in front yards. The quicker you do your research on your area’s zoning laws, the quicker your project will be completed. If your neighbors had to follow these laws when their fence was installed not doing the same could be considered rude and disrespectful.

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