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How To Determine Your Aluminum Fence Cost

The biggest question we typically get at the start of any conversation about fencing is “how much will the fence cost?”  And the answer is always the same: It depends!

People often get confused when we quote fencing because they often come to the table with some preconceived notions of what fencing materials should cost based on what their neighbors or their friends tell them.  I’ve had people tell me to just give them a bottom line figure and I personally don’t like doing that because a LOT of factors go into pricing fencing.

First, not all vendors use the same materials.  There are different grades of aluminum fence panels and not all producers of aluminum fences are created equal.  I encourage people to buy 100% American made and make sure that the product comes with a good warranty.  There are some manufacturers that sell low-cost aluminum and tell you how much it will save you! Don’t be fooled!

Second, not all fences are the same size.  Just because your friend spent $8,500 in fencing materials and your price quote comes back at $12,000 is no reason to think that someone is pulling a fast one on you!  If your fence line is almost one and half times larger than your friend’s, of course your fence will cost more!

If you’re a novice at DIY projects and want to get a good ballapark figure for determining how much your aluminum fence will cost, here are some tips on how to calculate the cost based on the main items you’ll need for your fence.  Note: This does not include the tools you’ll need to build your fence.

Calculating Panels and Posts for Aluminum Fence Cost

Once you measure your fence lines, you need to calculate how many panels you’ll need.  All standard panels are 6’ wide; aluminum fence posts are 2’ square, but your panels go right into the holes on the post.  Sometimes you will need to reduce the size of a panel and cut it to fit the fence line; remember it’s better to have an extra panel than run out of fence!

The other thing that factors into the cost of your panels is the height of the panels you purchase.  Our panels come in three sizes: 48”, 54” and 60” tall (as do our posts!) and so the higher the panel, the higher the cost.  Additionally, the grade of your fence matters.  If you want a highly durable and thick professional grade fence, your panels will indeed cost more!

Calculating Gates for Aluminum Fence Cost

Aluminum gates come in the same three heights as the fence panels; the question here is whether you want to install a single or a double gate panel.  If you’re using your gate for entry and exit to your yard only, sometimes a single gate works just fine.  However, if you plan to go in and out of your property with a rider mower or your fence crosses your driveway, you may need to order a double gate.

Calculating Your Accessories for Aluminum Fence Costs

When you install your fence, remember that you’ll most likely want a latch and other fence accessories for your gate.  Latches vary in cost, depending on how much security you want.  You also have to account for the type of hinges you want and how many you’ll need.

Other accessories to consider are the types of brackets you may need—either swivel or flat mount.  Another popular accessory is a custom post cap.  Some folks enjoy having more decorative fence posts; the bigger your fence the more fence posts you’ll need.

To Truly Find Out How Much Your Aluminum Fence Will Cost…

Once you’ve done your measurements and determined how much fence you’ll need, click here to start your order!  Have some questions?  Use our online chat feature or contact us today!

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