Ornamental Aluminum Fencing Vs. Ornamental Iron Fencing


Ornamental Aluminum fencing is easier to maintain, more durable, and less expensive than ornamental iron fencing.

So what is the difference between ornamental aluminum fencing and wrought iron fencing? Is one stronger than the other? Which will last longer? Is there a notable difference in appearance? When investing in something it’s important to educate yourself. Don’t you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth? Making an uneducated decision when money is involved will have you frustrated and fuming. Worry not! In this week’s blog, we’ll take the time to show you the benefits of ornamental aluminum fencing over wrought iron fencing.


Photo: Decorative Aluminum Fence Colors Can Affect Your Whole Property

How To Determine Your Aluminum Fence Cost

The biggest question we typically get at the start of any conversation about fencing is “how much will the fence cost?”  And the answer is always the same: It depends!

People often get confused when we quote fencing because they often come to the table with some preconceived notions of what fencing materials should cost based on what their neighbors or their friends tell them.  I’ve had people tell me to just give them a bottom line figure and I personally don’t like doing that because a LOT of factors go into pricing fencing.