Ornamental Aluminum Fencing Vs. Ornamental Iron Fencing


Ornamental Aluminum fencing is easier to maintain, more durable, and less expensive than ornamental iron fencing.

So what is the difference between ornamental aluminum fencing and wrought iron fencing? Is one stronger than the other? Which will last longer? Is there a notable difference in appearance? When investing in something it’s important to educate yourself. Don’t you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth? Making an uneducated decision when money is involved will have you frustrated and fuming. Worry not! In this week’s blog, we’ll take the time to show you the benefits of ornamental aluminum fencing over wrought iron fencing.


It’s Practically Maintenance Free

If you want the elegance of ornamental iron fencing without the rust maintenance, choosing aluminum fencing is right for you. Much lighter than iron, aluminum is made from hollow tubing. Almost always coated with a high quality, baked on finish, this fence will see no rust or decay for years to come. Imagine how much money you’d save not needing to replace whole rusted sections, or buying can after can after can of anti-oxidizing spray.

Aluminum is Just As Strong As Iron

In today’s world, most aluminum manufacturers use added alloys which make aluminum just as strong, if not stronger than iron. Ornamental aluminum fencing is scratch resistant as well. Iron is porous, meaning when moisture seeps through the material it’s there to stay. The combination of moisture and iron make ornamental iron fencing brittle. The more brittle the iron becomes, the less durable it will be. Ornamental aluminum fencing, on the other hand, will keep its luster, is non-porous and sealed with a powder coat finish. Aluminum fences will last you a while and can withstand almost anything.

Adjustable Brackets Are Convenient

The versatility and ease of installation make ornamental aluminum fencing your best option.  Iron fencing incorporates brackets that are welded to fence paneling. With adjustable brackets that are not stuck in place, ornamental aluminum fencing can be set up much more efficiently. This no headache installation will keep you from complete frustration when constructing your ornamental fence.

An Aluminum Fence Will Save You Money!

There is a lot of labor involved in creating ornamental wrought iron fences. Welding components together to make individual panels is a lot of factory work. Therefor, ornamental iron is much more expensive. In terms of per panel cost, ornamental aluminum fencing is more expensive. However, the low maintenance of this type of fencing material will keep your pockets filled.

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