The Importance of Aluminum Fence Gate Placement



Where you place your aluminum fence gate will encourage people to enter it.

Once your aluminum fence is built, it is important to strategically decide where to place the gate. Maybe your property floods easily, in which case you’re going to want to install the entrance to your aluminum fence in the most elevated part of your property. Maybe you are installing an aluminum fence to keep livestock from escaping, in which case, you’ll want to install your gate with open space behind it in order to coax animals to exit. Whatever its purpose, aluminum fence gate placement will determine how easily your fence can be entered or exited.


Placing Them in High Traffic  Areas

Plan openings in your fence in areas where people, animals, and equipment need easy access to the structures inside your fence. If you often find yourself carrying feed from pastures to your fenced-in barn, installing an aluminum fence gate closer to the pastures themselves will make the most sense. If your aluminum fence surrounds a pool, installing the gate closer to your home will help your kids enter the pool area more easily. Walking all the way around the circumference of the fence to enter a fenced-in portion of your property is a lot of extra legwork. Placing a fence gate in high traffic areas is convenient for those using it on a daily basis.

Put Gates in Well-Drained Areas

In order to avoid muddy entrance ways, it is important to place gates in well-drained areas. Keep them out of the path of erosion since high traffic will only make matters worse. The last thing you need is a gate sinking into the dirt. This will happen if you don’t place your aluminum fence gate on the most elevated portion of your property.

Your Gate Needs to be Anchored Well

The wear and tear on your aluminum fence gate will happen much quicker than any other part of the fence. This is because it is used much more often than any other piece. Wear and tear will cause your gate to sag, and eventually, it will become difficult to operate. Choosing an aluminum fence gate will keep it from deteriorating quickly. Aluminum fences are extremely durable when compared to other types. You also need to set and brace your gate posts the same as you would anchor posts. These are the main weight support of your gate so placing them well will keep it up and running for a long time.

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